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  • Waboba on Discovery Channel in Canada

    Post by Jordan on December 9th, 2011

    Ever wonder why a Waboba ball bounces on water? Well thanks to the excellent Waboba research done by Professor Tadd Truscott at Brigham Young University, Daily Planet, a TV show on Discovery Channel in Canada, interviewed Tadd about his experiments with Waboba balls. Click below to watch the clip. Then skip to 3:30 and learn why!

    Many thanks to Tadd Truscott and his research team for playing with Waboba and discovering the science behind it. 

  • Waboba Sponsors Junior Kayak Team

    Post by Jordan on September 30th, 2011

    For the 2011 World Championship of Surf Kayaking, we are the sponsor of the Junior Division–the hottest young athletes who are the future of surf kayaking. Here are some of them. Good luck, boys!

    Aiden Brackenbury, also a second generation competitor from England, and with his father, Glynn will represent the English team in the international competition.

    Andy McClelland, 17, of Northern Ireland is also anticipated to be a serious competitor. He currently holds the 2nd place title in the world and is a 3-time European Champion.

    Eden Bason from Australia–a second generation surf kayaker who, at the age of 9 is the youngest competitor. Eden has been paddling for a bit over a year. His dad, Darren manufactures kayaks for Random Surf, so he was able to modify Eden’s kayak with extra padding to suit his size and weight. Eden has proven his effectiveness and will be one to watch!

    Jeffery “Junior Mint” Steehler, from Longview, Washington at 13 years old has not only competed, but organized a successful surf event in Oregon. He’s a true athlete who plays basketball, races downhill mountain bikes and plays the saxophone in his spare time.

    Troy Wilson, 11, is from Idaho and also comes from a lineage of surf kayaking. He started in the sport at 8 and has been competing for three years. In addition, Troy volunteers with D.A.R.E. to encourage kids to choose an active lifestyle over drugs.

  • TOSY on LIVE with Regis & Kelly!

    Post by Jordan on July 7th, 2011

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s TOSY! Earlier this year, in the USA, Waboba, Inc. was selected to be a distributor for TOSY’s AFO, which stands for Alien Flying Object. This unique item is for kids and adults and will be flying off shelves very soon in select retail locations. Especially because it was just featured on LIVE with Regis & Kelly’s Summer in the City series! You can watch it here. Just click on “Summer in the City – Toys” once you get there. Neat, huh?

  • Pressrelease: WABOBA’s new UFO

    Post by Chris on May 20th, 2011

    Waboba® USA launches the Tosy® AFO™ (Aliens’ Flying Object) which is sure to fly off retail shelves and fill the sky with hours of fun, both day and night!

    This Unconventional Flying Object is the most modern boomerang flying-disc game on the market, recommended for ages 5+, but perfect for the pre-teen and teen segments. Plus, the AFO/UFO is a reminiscent throw-back to youth for baby boomer parents and grandparents looking for active, fun, easy and safe play for–or with– their family.

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  • Waboba Street

    Post by Chris on January 19th, 2011


    Its time to take Waboba to a whole new element. Let Waboba Street’s patented shape and inverted bounce reclaim the concrete and give you a new understanding of the word ball. If you love outdoor activities, freerunning, exercise and the city Waboba Street is yours to master.

    A cool and vibrantly designed new ball for street play. The patented design of the ball using dubs, allows the user to vary the direction of the ball by depending on their throwing method. Learn to predict the predictably unpredictable bounce of the street as you add more surfaces and more bounces in between you and your friends.

    A ball that bounce on ground is nothing new – but after inventing a ball that bounce on water we felt like going back to the roots and try to bring the Waboba Game to the streets and reinvent the ball, at the same time. After countless balls and tests and designs we found something with a hint of Waboba in it. From there we worked night and day to further perfect it to bring forth a ball with unique properties, great feel and solid design. Today we are proud to announce the first release of the Waboba Street – a ball with attitude.

    Waboba Street will be sold towards toy and selected sports vendors. Its properties makes it fun for people from 8years of age and up.

    Have a look at this PDF for more info on our new items!