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  • Waboba classes at Porto University

    Post by Ana on October 2nd, 2013

    The first ever Waboba class in an University! It will be held 17th October, 20h-20h45m, at CDUP-FADEUP swimming pool! FADEUP is the Sports Faculty of Porto University in Portugal!

    A major step to the development and consolidation of the sport!!


    CDUP – website promoting Waboba class - link

  • Welcome to the World, Jasper!

    Post by Jordan on February 3rd, 2012

    A customer in Australia sent us this adorable story + photo and we had to share with everyone. We hope it makes your heart smile as much as ours did!

    “I recently read that using a ‘Stress Ball’ to focus on during labour and delivery can really help a woman concentrate and can reduce pain. On the morning I went in to labour (3 weeks early) I sent my husband out to buy me a stress ball. He came home with a WABOBA ball. Purely as an example of the many varied uses of Waboba balls I wanted to email you this photo. The ball was all I had with me through the birth of Jasper. Enjoy.” -Nyree D.

    Now, we shall call all babies born with the help of Waboba balls, Wababies! Many thanks again to Nyree for sharing her story with us. We hope Jasper grows up loving the ball that helped bring him into this world!

    Have a story you want to share with us? Email



  • TOSY AFO Lights Up Letterman’s Face

    Post by Jordan on December 22nd, 2011

    You know Waboba only brings you the coolest toys. In case you haven’t heard, one of the toys we endorse is TOSY AFO. It’s only available in the United States, but since its arrival, it has won Good Housekeeping’s Best Kids Toy award as well as made an appearance on David Letterman last night. Check out the clip here and skip to 28:22.

    TOSY AFO will soon be available on In the meantime, please
    email Aubrey to find out if TOSY is available in a retail store near you. If it’s not, be sure to ask your local toy store to get it so they don’t miss out on the coolest new toy to hit the shelves!

  • Waboba on Discovery Channel in Canada

    Post by Jordan on December 9th, 2011

    Ever wonder why a Waboba ball bounces on water? Well thanks to the excellent Waboba research done by Professor Tadd Truscott at Brigham Young University, Daily Planet, a TV show on Discovery Channel in Canada, interviewed Tadd about his experiments with Waboba balls. Click below to watch the clip. Then skip to 3:30 and learn why!

    Many thanks to Tadd Truscott and his research team for playing with Waboba and discovering the science behind it. 

  • Waboba Donations in Costa Rica & Nicaragua!

    Post by Guest Author on October 26th, 2011
    Me in my scrubs

    Touring a local historical museum in Alajuela, Costa Rica

    Hi there everyone! My name is Ayan (pronounced I-Yen)  and I’ve been given the awesome privilege by the special people working at Waboba to post about my amazing experience being able to volunteer in Costa Rica & Nicaragua for two weeks. Before I begin, I should tell you a bit about myself and what I’m currently doing.

    Currently, I am a 22 year old student in my last year at the University of Toronto studying City Studies/Urban Planning plus a minor in Economics. My friends had brought up the idea about volunteering overseas, but it was always just an idea. We wanted to do something different. Rather than just travel and get no experience out of it, we wanted to travel for a cause. My friends who attend the University of Waterloo and York University brought the idea of attending an organization called VIDA Volunteer Travel, an organization based in Central America whose main goal is to provide medical, dentistry, and veterinary services to local communities that need it most.

    Each trip, VIDA organizers ask volunteers to donate anything we believe families would find beneficial (from medical supplies to clothing). I wanted to donate something different, aside from the usual items people bring. The first thing that came to my mind was Waboba.

    I first found out about Waboba balls in the U.S. when I was travelling with my family. A large display setup inside of Brookestone is what caught my eyes. I love the beach and always bring down different equipment to play with at the beach. However, these balls were something I had never seen in my life before; balls that bounce on water! Unfortunately I didn’t purchase my first balls there, but waited until I got back to Canada and ordered a couple off eBay. It wasn’t until a short time later that the idea of asking the kind hearted people at Waboba to donate some balls for the volunteer trip I was going to soon attend! I soon asked Jordan Sullivan who quickly responded with good news on being able to donate 24 Waboba extreme and street balls!

    The medical team with Dr. Angelina Cortes.

    Before you know it, we were in Costa Rica and Nicaragua handing out the balls to local children who came by our clinics. The experiences in these two countries were phenomenal. My team worked in the medical clinics, where we would see patients, diagnose them, and prescribe medication from our makeshift pharmacy. In one day in Nicaragua, our team would see well over 120 patients easily. Many of them were young kids, and what better way to keep them entertained then by showing them how to use the Waboba Street ball. Kids fell in love with our generous gifts, and over hearing the conversations about kids asking their parents to take them to the beaches were priceless.

    Although I am not a medical student, I wanted to do something where I gave back to people who are not as fortunate enough as us to have adequate resources to live a decent life. It was definitely a life changing experience. I spoke no Spanish before I left for the two countries, but came back with a bit of Spanish to (somewhat) engage in a conversation!

    -Ayan Talukder

    Here is a short video I put together with the highlights from our trip:

    Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!