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  • Dogball at the EXpoZoo – Portugal

    Post by Ana on January 17th, 2014

    Waboba will be at the ExpoZoo in Portugal with the Dogball!!

    Come see us at booth 26!!


  • First Waboba Dogball Championship in Portugal!

    Post by Jordan on October 11th, 2012
    The very first Waboba Dogball championship was held on Saturday in Olhão, Portugal. It was an excellent afternoon that exceeded our expectations! We had a great turn out with 15 teams of various breeds – a mixture of experienced water dogs and their owners to beginners that were afraid of water, but could not resist our Waboba Dogball.
    The great initiative, insight and organization by ACAP – Portuguese Water Dog Association and their president, Carla Peralta, the luck of having the mother of the Waboba Dogball, Anna Von Heland, and of course the brains behind the Waboba balls, Jan von Heland from Sweden, gave the whole event a touch of class and excitement!
    The judges were fantastic. They were strict with experienced dogs, but with a touch of obvious experience and the help of dog trainer Michaela, Judge Luis Ramalhete was lenient with beginners and helped owners learn how to best throw the ball and helped dogs loose their fear of water.
    ACAP handmade recycled plastic rosetas were pinned on by Jan, and Anna had the pleasure of giving out the prizes: a Waboba ball and towel to each of the  happy owners and their champions.
     1st Team História Interminável – 30 points
    2nd TeamInseparavel – 29 points
    3rd Team Maravilha da Ria – 28 points
    Congratulations to winners and all participants! Everyone is anxious for the next one and have begun asking Carla for tips on how to train. Finally, a fun training item for dogs and their families! Follow Waboba Dogball Iberia on Facebook for training tips, and to find out the next championship!
  • Waboba Dogball Demo

    Post by Jordan on July 16th, 2012

    On July 15th, it was a dog day in Olhão, Portugal! We hosted a Waboba Dogball demo with various breeds trying out for the championship in October. So far, there are 4 teams and the interest is growing! LUZ, one of the contenders pictured below, loves her Waboba Dogball just as much as the others. How could they not? All dogs love Waboba balls that bounce on water. But more so now than ever, since we officially have one just for them!

    More info can be found at:

  • Our First Waboba Dogball Competition!

    Post by Georg on March 23rd, 2012

    Dogs and masters, we are happy to announce the first Waboba Dogball competition! It will be held the 6th of October at the stunning and famous beach of Olhão in Portugal. Open to all types of breeds, from the courageous Chihuahua to the soothing St: Bernards. If you would like to receive more information, including the competition rules, please email She’d love to see you and your dog make an appearance!

    If you want to know more, and live in Portugal, we will be attending at the Official Water trials the 29th April in Portimão. There we can teach you how Waboba Dogball is played! To stay up to date on all Dogball news in Iberia, LIKE the Waboba Dogball Iberia page on Facebook.

    For the rest of the world: If you feel left out and think we should attend in your country, send us some information regarding where and when. We will be glad to look into it!

  • Waboba Dogball + Association of Portuguese Water Dog

    Post by Jordan on October 13th, 2011

    Our friends at the ACAP-Associação do Cão de Água Português in Portugal are now selling the Dogball and highly recommend it as a fun training ball for their portuguese water dogs! It is 9 € + shipping. If you’re in Europe, please email if you would like to purchase the Waboba Dogball.