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  • Have fins! Be perfect swimmer!

    Post by Sam on March 25th, 2010

    Amphibian was developed as an aid for lifeguards patrolling the beaches.
    Comprising of shoes and extendable fin modules, the set is meant to help
    the rescue worker swim up faster towards the victim. On land and in shallow
    waters, the fins don’t act as a hindrance like the normal flippers, coz it has
    a uniqueretractable system that allows you to keep the modules retracted
    till you reach the waters. On the way back, after therescue, a simple jab of
    the toes on the seabed, then you can retract the modules.
    Moreover, it’s really good for those “slow” men, like me! :)

    Designer: Edward Shelton

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  • Just Chinglish

    Post by Stella on March 25th, 2010

    Chinglish RulesLanguage and culture difference sometimes can be fun. There is a classic joke about Chinglish. The joke goes like this: A car accident occurred in Chicago. One of the Chinese witnesses described it to the policemen in English “One car come, one car go. Two car pengpeng, people die!” Haha……If you understand his words, you would give a good laugh at it.

    Want to know some funny Chinglish?

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  • trojan.BitDefender.patch

    Post by Chris on March 21st, 2010

    Another classic bit defender moment.

    Tonight around 12.30AM (Hong Kong time) my BitDefender antivirus started reporting that it had detected a virus in multiple locations. I started searching internet for the name but the posts at that time said nothing. 1 Hour later i had over 22,000 infected files. Never have i seen such an aggressive virus.

    Today i find out it’s a “mistake” that “happens to all most anitivirus software”(according to bit defender forum poster) where the Bitdefender crew apparently have applied an update that turns your anti-virus into one of the most potent viruses i have ever seen. Potentially rendering your computer nothing more than a cup holder.

    If you run bitdefender on a 64bit operating system expect issues. TIP: Dont panic and dont let the trojan(aka you antivirus system).BitDefender shred your system(shut the antivirus off and dont allow it to delete any false positive virus finds). According to their forum they are now “working on a fix”…

    Epic epic epic fail.

    Some people are gonna get very fired and i for sure ain’t gonna renew my license. More on this later. Off to a meeting, now without presentations and material that i needed :(

  • Martial Dog Eater

    Post by Chris on March 19th, 2010

    Gloves, balls, notes, computer, passport, HKID, money and chicken head. The head, opposed to the other stuff on the table, won’t be going to Hong Kong this weekend. It’s watching me as I try to pack, eat, write, work and prepare for Guitar Night. It’s in the small things, the differences.

    People wonder what China is like.

    It’s not easy to eat something while it watches you. No matter how dead it is. Apart from the chicken head they insist giving me when I buy chicken, the apartment could as well have been in Sweden. And so could the office. The language, the weather, the writing, … After a year and a half there is only small differences left, small things you wont do.
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  • Ham and Plants

    Post by Chris on March 15th, 2010
    [singlepic id=36 w=320 h=240 float=right]
    Me, Jan and Regis in the background. One of those serious management moments.

    There’s a lot going on now! The office is jammed with computers, papers, junk, balls, magazines, plants, food, factory samples of products not yet introduced(stay tuned for that) and last, but not least, people. We are being visited by Jan and Anna from the Swedish office, cramping up the last little space we have.

    As if that wasn’t enough Regis, our Taiwanese partner decided that it was time to bring a 5kg Pig Leg into the office claiming it was expensive Spanish Ham. A great opportunity for free food, jokes and good photos!

    Vivian, another of our Taiwanese partners, came over from Taipei for a 2 day visit timing Anna and Jan. In other word: a week of meetings, ham, planning and dinners.
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