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  • Video Competition Entry: “Life’s a Beach and a Ball”

    Post by The Bounceologist on August 27th, 2010
    If you haven’t entered the Waboba Asia Video Competition yet, you’d better get your skates on. The competition closes on September 10th.

    Remember, you could win a five-star holiday for two plus five thousand yuan in cash.

    This charming entry comes from the Mazzarella family from Colorado, who had a whole lot of fun in some Yalong Bay hotels.

  • Waboba Towel

    Post by Chris on August 27th, 2010

    - Next generation towels!

    No matter how much we love the water at Waboba – there are still occasions where you want to be dry. Up till now though there was no real good way of getting the water off your body. We got sick and tired of heavy, bulky terry towels that kept making all your other belongings wet too and got filled with sand on the beach – not to mention the boring looks that have been the same for centuries. We decided its time to bring towels into the new millennium and set out to come up with the next generation of towels. After much avail we can now officially release the first 4 designs of the Waboba Towel.

    Forget those bulky, soggy beach towels of yesteryears! WABOBA introduces the WABOBA Towel. Engineered for the sun worshipper, watersport enthusiast and all around person that likes to get wet, the WABOBA Towel is a technological marvel;

    • Soaks up to 10 times its weight in water
    • A quarter the weight of regular beach towels
    • Dries in record time
    • Wicks water off your body like magic
    • Sheds off more beach sand when shaken than traditional beach towels
    • Packs in a small size even for a 30 x 60” size! Takes up almost no room in a beach bag vs those older terry towels!

    There is no secret that we at Waboba like to spend the days at the beach playing around – and one thing that’s always been a thorn in our side is the towels… (Read more…)

  • Waboba – not only for humans!

    Post by Chris on August 27th, 2010
    Let let the dogs IN – on the fun!

    Our family has had dogs pretty much as long as i can remember – and they’ve been fans of Waboba too. So we decided to make a ball specially suited for them! As you Waboba-players know a side effect spending the day on the beach playing Waboba makes you both wet and sandy! And if you bring your furry friend he’ll be sure to bring the beach back with him. To make sure that we preserve the beaches we came up with the microfiber Paw Towel.

    Its been fun and challenging to develop these two new products and today I’m proud to be able to officially release them Both: Waboba Dogball and Waboba Pawtowel.

    Below you can find more information on the products and ill keep this post updated as new things come along!

  • Waboba Dogball

    Post by Chris on August 27th, 2010

    - The Dogball that bounces on water!

    While playing with our family dog in Sweden we found out that our ball-loving dog went absolutely crazy over the Waboba Ball. And we where not alone to make this discovery – a lot of people all over started contacting us saying their dog loves the Waboba as much as they do. Well we thought that no Waboba should break the friendship between dog and man and made a ball especially with our four-legged friends in mind!

    The Waboba Dogball is the perfect toy and reward tool. Its soft interior makes it attractive to chew, its size and shape makes it easy and comfortable to carry and throw, its attributes also makes it great for training and education. And, lets not forget, its ability to bounce on water will make your master enjoy the product too!


    The Dogball idea came up long time ago – about the same time the first dog sank its teeth into a Waboba Ball and wouldn’t let go. The research started in summer 2009 where we started to experiment with shapes, sizes and materials. We also handed out different balls to numerous dog-owners to gather feedback and thoughts. Eventually we came up with a good size, a chewable and bouncing density. Then it was all about creating logo’s, packaging and ensure the safety of the product and production – And now it’s all about letting your dog in on the game!
    (Read more…)

  • Waboba Pawtowel

    Post by Chris on August 27th, 2010

    - Let the outside stay outside.

    Why stop at a ball? When developing our new beach towels we thought we better come prepared; cause we have a feeling your dog will love these towels too!

    Time to let go of those soggy towels of yesteryears! Waboba is introducing its first towel with mans best friend in mind. Engineered to be lighter, more effective and easier to dry, the Pawtowel is nothing short of a technological marvel.

    • Soaks up to 10 times its weight in water.
    • A quarter the weight of a regular towel.
    • Dries in record time.
    • Packs easy and in small size.
    • Takes up minimum space in your bags.
    • Doesn’t soak your other belongings, no more plastic bags!
    • Microfiber cleaning: Millions of microscopic fibers make sure that your dog is both dry and clean.

    As we where starting on our project of microfiber gloves at the same time as we where busy with the Dogball we decided to think ahead and prepare a good, high quality, towel for pets. We have all experienced the mess they can bring from the beach – or just about anywhere – and we had the advantage of having microfiber producers already in standby. We started out by considering sizes and basic packaging to optimize shipping and layout of the Pawtowel and then set about sampling and testing – making sure that we bring you high quality products as environmental and as cost effective as possible.