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  • Voleiboom

    Post by Leeroy on July 31st, 2011

    O voleiboom foi um sucesso, tivemos equipas femeninas, masculinas, mistas; tivemos pais e mães a jogar com os filhos! A aderencia ao jogo foi incrivel!  Vejam o resto das fotos na nossa pagina no Facebook:

  • New Waboba Prizes for Live Beach Tournament

    Post by Jordan on July 29th, 2011

    We’ve been so impressed with all the Wabobians playing in the tournament hosted by Gigantes Sports Mangualde at Live Beach in Portugal, that we decided we need to offer better prizes so they can keep Wabobin’ after the tournament. In addition to medals, we are going to provide as follows:

    1st Place Team: Each player will receive a Waboba Pro Glove, which comes with a Pro ball.

    2nd Place Team: Each player will receive a Waboba Pro ball.

    3rd Place Team: Each player will receive a Waboba t-shirt and one Pro ball, so they can keep practicing and try to get 1st next time! :)

    To see the current team standings, visit Gigantes’ website. The tournament finals will be August 7th. Which team do you think will win 1st place?


    Nós estivemos tão impressionado com todos os Wabobians a jogar no torneio hospedado por Gigantes Mangualde no Live Sports Beach emPortugal, que decidimos que precisamos oferecer prêmios melhores, para que possam manter Wabobin ’após o torneio. Além de medalhas, estamosindo para fornecer as seguintes:

    Equipe 1 º Lugar: Cada jogador receberá um Waboba Glove Pro, que vem com uma bola Pro.

    Equipe 2 º Lugar: Cada jogador receberá um Waboba Pro bola.

    Equipe 3 º Lugar: Cada jogador receberá um Waboba t-shirt e uma bolaPro, para que eles possam continuar praticando e tentar chegar primeiro na próxima vez! :)

    Para ver a classificação da equipa actual, visite o site Gigantes. As finaisdo torneio será 07 de agosto. Qual a equipa você acha que vai ganhar o 1 º lugar?

  • Create Your Own Waboba Launcher

    Post by Jordan on July 26th, 2011

    Over the weekend, I tried to shoot a Waboba ball with a slingshot so it would bounce across the river, which given the title of this post, turned out to be crazy fun and a success! It worked best with the Waboba Surf and Extreme, but not the Pro as it was too heavy. You can watch it in action in the video below.

    However, Tim, representing Waboba in Thailand, didn’t have the same luck with the Waboba Big Gun he made to launch his Waboba Extreme. Watch his failed attempted. ( Sorry, Tim)

    So given these attempts to see the different ways we can launch a Waboba ball other than throwing, we have a proposition for you crafty Wabobians and engineers. Create and build your own Waboba launcher and the first person to upload their video to YouTube and share it with us on our Facebook page or as a comment here, wins an awesome Waboba prize! How would you launch a Waboba? Let’s see it in action.

  • Skee-boba

    Post by Jordan on July 21st, 2011

    A friend of mine shared a new game with me she played at the beach with the Waboba Streetball. It is called, Skeeboba. Sort of like Skeeball, but on sand and with Waboba, which makes it totally awesome and much cooler!

    There are 6 circles; middle is 20 pts, then decreasing incrementally by 5. So 20, 15, 10, and 5. Then the two side holes are 50. They played 3 balls per turn and first to 300 wins. As she said, “Totally fun way to pass the time at the beach!” We think so too. Watch the game in action below. Do you want to play?

  • Organize a Waboba Tournament – $250 USD for Winning Team

    Post by Jordan on July 19th, 2011

    We want to share some very exciting news with you. We have decided to work with 4 very special Waboba customers in planning individual Waboba tournaments in their city with their friends.  The best part is, we’ll provide the balls, other goodies, and a $250 USD cash prize to each winning team! What better way to enjoy summer than plan a beach day with Waboba and your friends?

    So who are these 4 lucky customers? We have no idea. You tell us.

    Do you want to be 1 of the 4? It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. To help you decide, here are some basic rules, but other than that, you’re free to play as you please.

    -3 people per team if playing in open water (lake/ocean) or 4 people/team if playing in a pool since you will need a goalkeeper and nets.
    -Have to have a team name
    -Minimum of 6 teams
    -You can play in the pool or open water – depending on location and preferences. If playing in a pool, we suggest playing by our pool game rules with the Waboba Blast. If playing in the ocean, lake, or river, play by official Waboba ball rules with the Waboba Pro.
    -Work with us to promote your tournament by creating a Facebook event and getting people to sign up.

    Since we can’t physically be there (unless you happen to live where one of us lives), it’s up to you to gather friends to enter the tournament, create a Facebook event to invite friends, and pick the date and actual location (whether you want to play in a pool, lake, or ocean). Of course, we’ll help you spread the word and organize it as much as we can. We just want you to make a fun day out of it and have a blast with lots of laughs.

    If you’re interested in working with us in planning a laid-back totally awesome fun tournament with your friends, please email why we should pick you and your location. In order to be eligible, you must apply and be selected. Just making a Facebook event and having a tournament does not mean you’ll get $250. You have to plan it with us, because without us, you won’t get t-shirts, balls, bumper stickers, and the prize money. But don’t worry, we’re cool and lots of fun to work with. So are you game? Holler at me now!