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  • Introducing Bounce Ahead!

    Post by Jordan on February 29th, 2012

    We have some exciting news. Soon, Waboba will be bouncing into schools! Waboba has already made its debut at Culverhay School in Bath, UK with Head of PE, Simon Scarborough using Waboba in his PE lessons. We loved Simon’s lessons so much, that we teamed up with him to develop Bounce Ahead! Bounce Ahead! includes many different activities with Waboba balls, the Street and Flyer that PE teachers, coaches, instructors, and even camp leaders can use when looking for news ways to engage their students and players.

    We’ll be officially launching Bounce Ahead! into the physical education world at the AAHPERD convention in Boston March 14-16th. We’ll be at booth 425 and welcome any and all to come by and learn more about how they can use Waboba in school or after school. Attendees can also sign up to receive 2 free sample products of their choice and a copy of Bounce Ahead, which includes 15 different activities for starters. We hope to include many, many more activities with the help of PE teachers around the world!

    In the meantime, for more information on Bounce Ahead! please visit, or check back here for more activities posted under the category “Bounce Ahead.” Of course, we welcome you to share your own Waboba activities and lessons with us to be featured on our blog/website for a chance to win more Waboba balls for your class!

    Check out Simon’s first blog post and activity with Waboba to see where it all began.

  • Bounce Ahead Activity: Waboba Golf

    Post by Jordan on February 29th, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Waboba Used: Pro, Extreme, or Surf
    Players: Divide into pairs
    How to Play: Set up a golf course with floating rings in the pool. Use color-coded rings to set up a point system. Players have to bounce the Waboba and land it in the ring to score points. Play until all players have completed the course. The pair with the most points wins.Players may coach and encourage one another to work together to score points.

    Game Variations:
    Set up different sized rings to make it easier or harder. Example: Hula hoops for beginners.

    Driving Range:

    • Divide the end of the pool into zones using lane ropes.
    • Pupils are challenged to land the Waboba in a particular zone.

    Nearest the Pin:

    • Pupils have to bounce the Waboba as close to the end wall as possible.
    • Disqualified if the Waboba hits the wall / bounces out of pool.
    • Use a floating object to use as a pin.

    Additional Game Variations:

    • Restrict number of bounces allowed
    • Play consecutive shots until you hit the target

    To read more from Simon, please visit his blog – Excellence Through PE.

  • Looking Good in Times Square

    Post by Jordan on February 29th, 2012

    Our billboard in Times Square! Bounce your ♥ out, NY.

  • Same Same, but Desperate

    Post by The Bounceologist on February 17th, 2012

    The Bionic Salesman
    A Journey around Thailand

    So that’s the end of another tour of Southern Thailand. We arrive back in Bangkok for a final three days. A month’s accumulated junk litters the baggage carousel. As if this is not enough, Misty heads straight from the airport to Chatuchak Market in search of more, coming back with bagfuls, including, for me, three pairs of unusual shoes and a dozen T-shirts.

    None of the tourist T-shirts with the lame English slogans (Same Same but Different, iPood, etc.), these are tasteful shirts with arty Thai squiggles on them. I wore the first one around Bangkok for hours before some kind soul stifled her guffaws long enough to point out that the squiggles meant something along the lines of, “I’m a sad mug who’s desperate for a girlfriend”.

    “My wife bought me this,” I said by way of explanation. The shirt came off.

    It has been an amazing trip. We’ve got into the habit of using the car to take us away from the main beaches and then shopping around for bungalows. We were almost the only guests at a great place on Bang Rak beach in Samui.

    Sabai Resort

    Sabai Resort: Little Scandinavia's Little Italy

    Ao Nang in Krabi is Little Scandinavia, but we found ourselves in Little Italy at the Sabai Resort, where Italians come on their scooters from all over to air kiss, drink wine and punctuate their conversation with vigorous hand gestures. The owner looks uncannily like an Italian Basil Fawlty.

    In Phuket, we took a random turn off the coast road and found ourselves at the Baan Armeen, a new and pleasant little resort on Bang Tao Beach. I find the Phuket beaches from Kamala up far more attractive than the most famous beaches – Patong, Karon and Kata – and we particularly took to Surin Beach, with its string of beachfront bars.

    From Samui to Khao Lak, it was good to see the Waboba Ball selling so quickly, but disconcerting to see how often it goes out of stock. We arrived in Koh Samui to find only one shop with balls.

    If you have had difficulty finding a shop that has stock, you have our sympathy. This is a problem we are working to resolve.

    Meanwhile, in Bangkok, finding a Waboba Ball is a bit like playing Where’s Wally. The ball is available in Supersports, but the shop apparently won’t allow the product displays to be rearranged, so Waboba is often included as an afterthought, balanced on top of some other display. But if you find yourself near the Mares sign, you’re probably getting warmer.

    The Pro Ball is particularly hard to find. Our Thai stock sold out in the time it takes to say “bounces on water”, but we should have stock again in about two weeks, and this time we are also getting the baseball glove to go with the Pro, so you should watch out for that.

  • Valentine’s Day for Waboba Lovers

    Post by Jordan on February 15th, 2012

    If you haven’t “LIKED” our page on Facebook yet, I hope this motivates you to do so. Yesterday, for Valentine’s Day, we posted the above picture. Fun pic, right? Naturally, we got asked to make it a prize pack and give away all 3 balls in a contest, which of course we complied. We’re easy like that when it comes to Wabobians. So we asked our fans to:

    Step 1. Write a poem or story about your love for Waboba balls.
    Step 2. Post it on our wall.
    Step 3. The post with the most “LIKES” by 9:00pm EST tonight wins a Waboba Pro, Surf, and Extreme!

    Here were some of the submissions:

    “We love Waboba balls in the summer sun…we love it because it is lots of fun…Valentines is a great day…to win some more Waboba balls to play away…” – Trent S.

    “Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I love waboba
    Just as much as you ♥” – Ben C.

    “Although i don’t need,
    Someone to share this day.
    You know that i would plead,
    For a Waboba today.” – Rui L. (The winner with 16 Likes)

    “Waboba Pro is Red,
    Waboba Surf is Blue,
    I fell in love with this game,
    and I know you will too.
    The balls keep bouncing,
    and I keep playing,
    so go out and try it,
    you know what I’m saying?!?” – Shane S.

    “Wabobas are the best, it aint no contest, they bounce on water, they bounce on land, how about this valentines day, you bounce one my way. This is serious, im not delirious. Waboba is the best fun that you can have in the sun. So please pick me to win, trust me it wont be a sin.” Blake F.

    Bounce with us and join the fun on our Facebook page!