While I’m in Sweden for the summer Stella, Sam and Cherry have been busy moving our office! Today i got the first photos of it and I wanted to share them right away! Great job all of you and I’m really exited about coming back and working in our new office.

In the meantime we are keeping busy at different fronts – Stay tuned for our new items that are scheduled to be released in the end of August. We have been asked to take down our posts on the new items that was released in the end of may: Dogball, Pawtowel and Towel however that does not mean that they are not ready! You could say they are now under their final stage. We are adjusting prices and requesting market response to tweak the items and any distributor willing to carry any of the item are more than welcome to get a headstart.

Got a gallery of pics waiting for you brave souls who click read more.