- The Dogball that bounces on water!

While playing with our family dog in Sweden we found out that our ball-loving dog went absolutely crazy over the Waboba Ball. And we where not alone to make this discovery – a lot of people all over started contacting us saying their dog loves the Waboba as much as they do. Well we thought that no Waboba should break the friendship between dog and man and made a ball especially with our four-legged friends in mind!

The Waboba Dogball is the perfect toy and reward tool. Its soft interior makes it attractive to chew, its size and shape makes it easy and comfortable to carry and throw, its attributes also makes it great for training and education. And, lets not forget, its ability to bounce on water will make your master enjoy the product too!


The Dogball idea came up long time ago – about the same time the first dog sank its teeth into a Waboba Ball and wouldn’t let go. The research started in summer 2009 where we started to experiment with shapes, sizes and materials. We also handed out different balls to numerous dog-owners to gather feedback and thoughts. Eventually we came up with a good size, a chewable and bouncing density. Then it was all about creating logo’s, packaging and ensure the safety of the product and production – And now it’s all about letting your dog in on the game!


The outer layer of Lycra around the Dogball might come off depending on how hard your dog chews. If it does, there’s no need to worry: Your dog will still enjoy the chewy inner core!


Play! With its unique quality to bounce on water, it will offer you both a lot of fun, be it at the beach or in your pool. While giving you both good exercise.

Train! The Waboba Dogball can be used as a positive reward throughout the different steps in raising and educating your dog. From teaching your dog how to sit, to more advanced exercises, preferably in or around water – let Waboba Dogball aid you and provide hours of fun with your best friend.

Educate! The Waboba Dogball is a great complement in professional education of your dog. Its quality to bounce on water makes it a superior compliment in water rescue and water hunt education. This together with its unique consistency makes it attractive and functional for professional education of your dog.