- Let the outside stay outside.

Why stop at a ball? When developing our new beach towels we thought we better come prepared; cause we have a feeling your dog will love these towels too!

Time to let go of those soggy towels of yesteryears! Waboba is introducing its first towel with mans best friend in mind. Engineered to be lighter, more effective and easier to dry, the Pawtowel is nothing short of a technological marvel.

• Soaks up to 10 times its weight in water.
• A quarter the weight of a regular towel.
• Dries in record time.
• Packs easy and in small size.
• Takes up minimum space in your bags.
• Doesn’t soak your other belongings, no more plastic bags!
• Microfiber cleaning: Millions of microscopic fibers make sure that your dog is both dry and clean.

As we where starting on our project of microfiber gloves at the same time as we where busy with the Dogball we decided to think ahead and prepare a good, high quality, towel for pets. We have all experienced the mess they can bring from the beach – or just about anywhere – and we had the advantage of having microfiber producers already in standby. We started out by considering sizes and basic packaging to optimize shipping and layout of the Pawtowel and then set about sampling and testing – making sure that we bring you high quality products as environmental and as cost effective as possible.