- Next generation towels!

No matter how much we love the water at Waboba – there are still occasions where you want to be dry. Up till now though there was no real good way of getting the water off your body. We got sick and tired of heavy, bulky terry towels that kept making all your other belongings wet too and got filled with sand on the beach – not to mention the boring looks that have been the same for centuries. We decided its time to bring towels into the new millennium and set out to come up with the next generation of towels. After much avail we can now officially release the first 4 designs of the Waboba Towel.

Forget those bulky, soggy beach towels of yesteryears! WABOBA introduces the WABOBA Towel. Engineered for the sun worshipper, watersport enthusiast and all around person that likes to get wet, the WABOBA Towel is a technological marvel;

• Soaks up to 10 times its weight in water
• A quarter the weight of regular beach towels
• Dries in record time
• Wicks water off your body like magic
• Sheds off more beach sand when shaken than traditional beach towels
• Packs in a small size even for a 30 x 60” size! Takes up almost no room in a beach bag vs those older terry towels!

There is no secret that we at Waboba like to spend the days at the beach playing around – and one thing that’s always been a thorn in our side is the towels… Why do they always have to be of the same material? Why do they always bring the beach home and get dirty quickly? Why do they take ages to dry? Why is it so heavy? Why does it give off so much water soaking my other belongings? Why can’t you make some better looking towel designs?

Well the questions have been endless – and at the time we could do nothing but think of better towel designs. However with the success with the Waboba Ball we had the experience, contacts and capital needed to update this long forgotten garment and bring it into 2010.

We early decided to change the basic material of the towel into microfiber – it has way more absorption capacity than your normal towel and takes up much less space. Not to mention it can be high quality imprinted opening a whole new world of design possibilities.

It took sometime to be able to work out different printing options, packaging, testing and design until we could all happily agree that this was truly a Waboba Product – but now its here and it will bring about a new generation of towels.

The WABOBA Towel is new for 2010 and is a great complimentary product for specialty surf and beach stores. Unique in it’s look and feel with its lightweight material. The microfiber enables high detail imprints giving us the possibility to redefine the word towel. It works like magic, looks like magic and takes up almost no space. This is a must have for any water-lover and truly the next generation of towels.