The online voting got a bit intense, so just to make sure there’s no dispute about the winner, we had the whole Waboba board of directors judge our video competition over the weekend. We now have a decision. The winner is….

The Mazzarella family from Colorado, with “Life’s a Beach and a Ball”.

The message from the board of directors describes it as, “A technically complete short movie with a distinct feeling and an artistic approach, creating an entity that says, ‘Waboba!’”

The message also says that they were impressed with all of the entries and they loved the idea of combining surfing and Waboba (Walk and Chew Gum – Surf and Waboba. Thanks for that one, Brendan), but they thought the video needed expanding a bit.

Waboba Video Competition Winner
Life’s a Beach and a Ball
The Mazzarellas also won the online vote, with 217 votes, 53% of all votes cast.

So, congratulations to the Mazzarellas. You’ve won two nights at a Sanya five-star hotel plus 5,000 RMB in cash.

If you are kicking yourself for not having submitted an entry, be sure not to miss the Waboba Asia Video Competition 2011, which we’ll be launching via this website very soon. In the meantime, why not help us decide which Asian travel destination the winner will get to visit.