Catamaran Junk

Catamaran Junk

Notes from a Small Island
Sanya, Hainan, China

We’re very resourceful on our tropical island. It is difficult to buy anything here, so instead we just make do with what we’ve got.

Here’s what David Taylor came up with in lieu of a Hobie Cat – two rented sea kayaks strapped to a frame of rolled carpet and dismantled ladders.

I’m currently locked in debate with David about the merits of his junk sail.

Having been a pretty serious competitive sailor myself, I reacted in horror to a sail as flat as an ironing board. Without some curvature in the sail, how does it have any power at all?

David assures me that she “sploshes along OK”, and she certainly looks the part in Chinese waters.

But I say let’s cut to the chase. Strap on a big spinnaker and a couple of trapezes.