Last spring we brought in the PDQ, Gravity Feed and Motion Sensor Video Display. This year we’re taking it even further with our 3D POS displays! These state of the art packaging solutions could sell about anything – but we don’t – as you know we fill these trays up with high quality, innovative extreme-sports items that provides value way over the costs. Basically great packaging for great products.

Our most popular display unit – packed with LCD Screen loaded with movies of the products of your choice. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Load with Pro, Extreme or Blast balls. The video display unit is a must have for the retailers who want to move items quickly! NOW ALSO HAS 3D ARTWORK AVAILABLE!

The Waboba retail merchandising team strikes again with another home run display tray to take sales up another notch! Our new 3D shelf trays pack a great visual punch at retail. The depth and movement of the scene is almost as good as our videos. They are cost effective and built to last a full season – you and your customers merely needs to add more product as they sell down. This is the new cutting edge of cost effective retail merchandising.

Do you and your customers love the one tier standard display but still dont want to miss out on the 3D fun? Dont worry we have 3D artwork prepared for just that occasion! ASK US ABOUT IT!

Have a look at this PDF for more info on our new items!