The Waboba Surf is the newest addition to our line of water bouncing balls. The SURF ball is made specifically for all around family fun! It is a bit softer than Extreme and will provide hours of fun for the entire family. Designed for the pool retailers, indpendent gift and toy shops who value family oriented products.

Surf works as well in the pool as it does in the ocean – not as extreme as the extreme nor as reliable as the pro, but still a lot of fun even for the sportier family members. If you want to share the Waboba Fun wherever with whomever surf is your best bet – and once you get good enough, go for the Waboba Extreme and the Waboba Pro!

The Idea for the Waboba Surf has been soaking in our minds for quite sometime. We love the challenges of the Extreme and the Pro but realize that not everyone can handle the force, speed and bounce of these balls. We also know that kids love the blast ball that is softer and easier to skim of the surface and wont bounce off into your neighbors pool should you put some force behind it, but we also realized that its not so fun for the older and its too unpredictable for a wavy beach.

So, for sometime we have been looking for a ball with the attitude and feel of extreme but with the softness and friendliness of the blast that works for both ocean and pool play.

And now we are proud to announce Surf – the ball that does just that.

The Waboba SURF’s attributes makes it suitable for families with kids in the ages 10-15 with pool or nearby ocean. Target retail-store is Toy and Pool shops.

Have a look at this PDF for more info on our new items!