at least for a while. For a couple of weeks I’m gonna be part of the Waboba Family in Guangzhou as an intern. I will help out wherever I can and probably start my own PR project, too. But more on this later…

I am a student of International Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau in Germany. While I spent my last semester as an semester abroad at the Hainan University on the tropical island of Hainan, I ran into Chris and his team at the O’Neill Surfing Hainan Open. I spent some time playing with this small ball that can bounce on water and started chatting with Chris about Waboba and what they do. With his enthusiasm he got me excited right away and so I thought – why not spend some time with Waboba and get a closer look on how a business like this is run.

So I got practically prepared for this internship – mostly at the university pool with my friends Ben and Pete, who had as much fun testing the Waboba ball as I did. Especially by playing piggy in the middle when I was the piggy and they could practice their newest throwing tricks.

So after getting better and better with our new favourite toy and alongside finishing my exams, I first took a short trip to Thailand – to catch some sun and to relax. While traveling you always meet new people and most times you start of with the same question ‘And what do you do?’, so I told people ‘I’m gonna go to China to do an internship with Waboba’. And I got two types of answers:

‘ Oh really?! That’s amazing – we love this ball!’.

Or people said ‘Whaaat? And it bounces on water?’ and I replied

Yeah, try it, you will love it!’.

So that’s how I tried to do some advertising before I even really started, while enjoying the great weather.

And now here I am. Freezing by the way, because Guangzhou is experiencing a second winter – getting an overview of who does what and how. After the first confusing days with some ‘Häää?’s and ‘Whaat?’s ,now I slowly but surely, with the kindly help of everyone here, understand what’s going on.

So there will be a lot going on the next month and I’ll try to keep you updated and help you to also understand some more and find out about new great projects of Waboba.