Here in the States, Charleston, SC to be in fact, we had our first beach day of the season over the weekend. It was 80 degrees and sunny, which made it a perfect day to put on our bathing suits! After months of grey and cold, it feels so good to dig your feet in the sand and feel all the vitamin D goodness from the sun warming you head to toe again.

As we know, a day at the beach isn’t a day at the beach without Waboba! The anticipation built, so it was time to step into the water and have a game with Waboba Surf – one of the newest balls added to the Waboba family. Of course, step into the water isn’t the best phrase; tip-toe is more like it as it was rather cold. But hey, after 5 minutes we didn’t even feel our feet anymore so it didn’t matter. It felt so good to just be in the water. Needless to say, the Waboba Surf is awesome to play with and I can’t wait for the water to be warmer so I won’t have to think twice about diving in and inviting people to come play with us!