This Waboba Wednesday, let’s crank up the music for some prizes! We need some new tunes in our life like woah and we want you to be the one to help us spice it up. What do you listen to before you go out? What’s your happy song? What song gets you pumped up? What new band should we check out that’s on the rise? You get the idea. So in order to be entered to win a Waboba prize, all you have to do is recommend a jam one of the following ways:

* Share a music video with us.

* Tell us to your all time favorite song,  what you are listening to now, or  what you listen to while playing Waboba.

* Dedicate a song to Waboba.

* Do any of the above by posting on our wall – or tweeting @wabobaballs.

If you can’t think of one right away. No worries. You have until Sunday, June 26 to suggest a good tune. Winner will be announced Monday, June 27th. Let’s keep it upbeat  like this one… (which I like listening to when I play Waboba)

And not depressing like this one…

Let’s hear what you got!