We are very excited to officially announce our partnership with +H2O, a global community made up of water enthusiasts on a mission to promote clean water awareness. +H2O was founded by professional windsurfers, Levi Siver, Jake Miller, Keith Teboul, and Pascal Bronnimann and has grown to become a platform for water awareness that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and corporations to create purposeful solutions that facilitate positive change on a local to global scale.

Without water, we wouldn’t have Waboba. Not to mention the obvious –> we would we even survive. As the +H2O team says, “Water is our life force.” So its up to us, you, and everybody else to protect our natural playgrounds like the beach and ocean, and take care of them for future generations to come. So we’re going to team up with +H2O for events like fundraiser tournaments and beach clean ups. Even more exciting, we are going to create a special limited edition ball with 20% of proceeds donated to various water charity organizations! Oh yes.

Stay tuned for more! We can’t wait to help make some positive change this year with our new friends at +H2O. If you would like to help us and get involved, please email jordan@waboba.com.