We want to share some very exciting news with you. We have decided to work with 4 very special Waboba customers in planning individual Waboba tournaments in their city with their friends.  The best part is, we’ll provide the balls, other goodies, and a $250 USD cash prize to each winning team! What better way to enjoy summer than plan a beach day with Waboba and your friends?

So who are these 4 lucky customers? We have no idea. You tell us.

Do you want to be 1 of the 4? It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. To help you decide, here are some basic rules, but other than that, you’re free to play as you please.

-3 people per team if playing in open water (lake/ocean) or 4 people/team if playing in a pool since you will need a goalkeeper and nets.
-Have to have a team name
-Minimum of 6 teams
-You can play in the pool or open water – depending on location and preferences. If playing in a pool, we suggest playing by our pool game rules with the Waboba Blast. If playing in the ocean, lake, or river, play by official Waboba ball rules with the Waboba Pro.
-Work with us to promote your tournament by creating a Facebook event and getting people to sign up.

Since we can’t physically be there (unless you happen to live where one of us lives), it’s up to you to gather friends to enter the tournament, create a Facebook event to invite friends, and pick the date and actual location (whether you want to play in a pool, lake, or ocean). Of course, we’ll help you spread the word and organize it as much as we can. We just want you to make a fun day out of it and have a blast with lots of laughs.

If you’re interested in working with us in planning a laid-back totally awesome fun tournament with your friends, please email jordan@waboba.com why we should pick you and your location. In order to be eligible, you must apply and be selected. Just making a Facebook event and having a tournament does not mean you’ll get $250. You have to plan it with us, because without us, you won’t get t-shirts, balls, bumper stickers, and the prize money. But don’t worry, we’re cool and lots of fun to work with. So are you game? Holler at me now!