Over the weekend, I tried to shoot a Waboba ball with a slingshot so it would bounce across the river, which given the title of this post, turned out to be crazy fun and a success! It worked best with the Waboba Surf and Extreme, but not the Pro as it was too heavy. You can watch it in action in the video below.

However, Tim, representing Waboba in Thailand, didn’t have the same luck with the Waboba Big Gun he made to launch his Waboba Extreme. Watch his failed attempted. ( Sorry, Tim)

So given these attempts to see the different ways we can launch a Waboba ball other than throwing, we have a proposition for you crafty Wabobians and engineers. Create and build your own Waboba launcher and the first person to upload their video to YouTube and share it with us on our Facebook page or as a comment here, wins an awesome Waboba prize! How would you launch a Waboba? Let’s see it in action.