Carla, a Portuguese Water Dog trainer for Aguas Algarvias in Portugal, often taked her dogs to compete in various competitions around the country. She is a big fan of the Waboba Dogball and uses it to help train her dogs for their trials. Not to mention, the dogs love it too!

On September 4, I had a Water Trial in Lagos with my Portuguese Water Dogs, where they show their natural abilities, such as swimming, diving, and obedience, which is not always very easy, because sometimes they like to tease me to show how smart they are. I had my Luz and Flor do Mar of Águas Algarvias Association in Level 1 and Grisby of Ria Formosa to compete in the championship. All of them had excellent results in this Water Trial.

The judges examine different things in the Water Trials. In level 1, we need to swim with the dog and the dog that swims faster receives more points. Then they have to retrieve an object and dive in the water for level 2. The dog and the owner swim for 2 minutes, similar to level 1, only it’s more far away for the dog to retrieve the object.

At the end of the competition, as a reward and to relax, my dogs play with the Waboba Dogball. They love this moment with their eyes fixed on my hand, waiting for me to throw the ball. They try to catch it, yet it bounces on the water, so it outsmarts them. Since the ball reaches good distance, it is amazing for training for Level 2 in the trials.

I try to use every moment as a possibility for training my dogs and you should too. I never lose a chance to put my dogs at their best and now with the Waboba Dogball, it becomes even easier!

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