For the 2011 World Championship of Surf Kayaking, we are the sponsor of the Junior Division–the hottest young athletes who are the future of surf kayaking. Here are some of them. Good luck, boys!

Aiden Brackenbury, also a second generation competitor from England, and with his father, Glynn will represent the English team in the international competition.

Andy McClelland, 17, of Northern Ireland is also anticipated to be a serious competitor. He currently holds the 2nd place title in the world and is a 3-time European Champion.

Eden Bason from Australia–a second generation surf kayaker who, at the age of 9 is the youngest competitor. Eden has been paddling for a bit over a year. His dad, Darren manufactures kayaks for Random Surf, so he was able to modify Eden’s kayak with extra padding to suit his size and weight. Eden has proven his effectiveness and will be one to watch!

Jeffery “Junior Mint” Steehler, from Longview, Washington at 13 years old has not only competed, but organized a successful surf event in Oregon. He’s a true athlete who plays basketball, races downhill mountain bikes and plays the saxophone in his spare time.

Troy Wilson, 11, is from Idaho and also comes from a lineage of surf kayaking. He started in the sport at 8 and has been competing for three years. In addition, Troy volunteers with D.A.R.E. to encourage kids to choose an active lifestyle over drugs.