This Halloween, do you want to wear an original costume? Do you want kids giving you all their candy without having to ask for a piece? Do you want to be the coolest person EVER? Then dress up as a Waboba ball! We’re kind of obsessed with the idea. So obsessed, that anyone who embraces their inner Wabobian and dresses as a Waboba ball for Halloween will win a prize. Simply show us a picture of your Waboba costume and you’re an automatic winner. Post it on our Facebook page wall or email it to As of today, you have 19 days to make the most epic halloween costume. Well at least we think so.

For a tip on how to make a ball costume, see Ehow’s article here. Or get creative and think of  a different way. Like coloring an already existing pumpkin costume to match Waboba ball colors – Red/Black, Orange/Grey, Yellow/Blue, or Yellow/Red band.

Note: My photo was made for inspiration only and sadly, we do not have a giant Waboba ball for you to wear.