Suggested Age: 7+
Waboba Used: Pro, Extreme, or Surf
Players: Groups of 10
How to Play:
• Assign 5 players to re-create the Olympic rings each holding a pool noodle*.
• The other 5 players have to bounce the Waboba through the rings to score. 2 throws per player.
o 1 point – bounce through any bottom ring.
o 2 points – bounce through any top ring.
o 3 points – bounce through any verbally predicted ring
• Once all 5 players have thrown, they switch places with the ring holders so they have a chance to score.
• The group with the most accumulative points wins.

*Players holding the noodle must be made aware of the incoming Waboba!

Decrease Challenge
Increase number of rings and/or decrease distance from rings
Increase Challenge
Restrict the number of bounces the Waboba can make and/or increase distance from rings.

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