Come Alive, a Waboba animation by Jeremy Trylch, came from behind in the final day to win the public vote in the Waboba Asia Video Contest 2011.

At the close of voting, Come Alive had 1,382 votes, or 54% of the total votes. Lightness and Bounce, by Tian Xiao and friends, was second with 1085 votes, or 42% of the total votes cast.

The World’s Longest Waboba Bounce, which started out in front, finished a distant third with 64 votes.

The vote turned into a titanic struggle between rival factions at Sanya University – supporters of Jeremy, the teacher, versus supporters of students Tian Xiao and friends.

Jeremy’s sophomore students conducted a spirited campaign that pulled them back from a deficit of several hundred.

“Word went out all over China! They set up a HQ at Sanya College and they kept calling me and texting me with the new numbers. You should have heard them when it hit first place… I thought they were going to cry,” said Jeremy.

We are now awaiting a final decision by Jan von Heland, Waboba inventor and CEO, on who gets to win the holiday in Phuket, including flights, two nights in a five-star hotel and 700USD in cash.