A customer in Australia sent us this adorable story + photo and we had to share with everyone. We hope it makes your heart smile as much as ours did!

“I recently read that using a ‘Stress Ball’ to focus on during labour and delivery can really help a woman concentrate and can reduce pain. On the morning I went in to labour (3 weeks early) I sent my husband out to buy me a stress ball. He came home with a WABOBA ball. Purely as an example of the many varied uses of Waboba balls I wanted to email you this photo. The ball was all I had with me through the birth of Jasper. Enjoy.” -Nyree D.

Now, we shall call all babies born with the help of Waboba balls, Wababies! Many thanks again to Nyree for sharing her story with us. We hope Jasper grows up loving the ball that helped bring him into this world!

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