If you haven’t “LIKED” our page on Facebook yet, I hope this motivates you to do so. Yesterday, for Valentine’s Day, we posted the above picture. Fun pic, right? Naturally, we got asked to make it a prize pack and give away all 3 balls in a contest, which of course we complied. We’re easy like that when it comes to Wabobians. So we asked our fans to:

Step 1. Write a poem or story about your love for Waboba balls.
Step 2. Post it on our wall.
Step 3. The post with the most “LIKES” by 9:00pm EST tonight wins a Waboba Pro, Surf, and Extreme!

Here were some of the submissions:

“We love Waboba balls in the summer sun…we love it because it is lots of fun…Valentines is a great day…to win some more Waboba balls to play away…” – Trent S.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love waboba
Just as much as you ♥” – Ben C.

“Although i don’t need,
Someone to share this day.
You know that i would plead,
For a Waboba today.” – Rui L. (The winner with 16 Likes)

“Waboba Pro is Red,
Waboba Surf is Blue,
I fell in love with this game,
and I know you will too.
The balls keep bouncing,
and I keep playing,
so go out and try it,
you know what I’m saying?!?” – Shane S.

“Wabobas are the best, it aint no contest, they bounce on water, they bounce on land, how about this valentines day, you bounce one my way. This is serious, im not delirious. Waboba is the best fun that you can have in the sun. So please pick me to win, trust me it wont be a sin.” Blake F.

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