Suggested Age: 7+
Players: Divide into teams
How to Play:
Throw the Street ball against the floor so it bounces against the wall and returns. Opponent must catch the Street before it bounces (or after 1 bounce if no bounce is too difficult). Players should agree on the width of the court, how close they are allowed to the wall (usually 1 meter away), and a throw line (usually about 4 meters from the wall) to stop the ball from being thrown too far back.

Throw against the wall first, then the floor. Catch before the 2nd or 3rd bounce.

  • Play 1v1.
  • If playing 2v2, alternate throws.
  • 3+ players. As players drop the ball or do not reach it in time, they lose a life. Each player starts with 3 lives and when they lose all 3, they withdraw from the game until only 2 players are left to compete for a victory.
Street Corner

Similar to street squash, but played in a corner. Street is thrown into the corner and must bounce off both walls and the floor. The opponent has to catch the street before it hits the floor a second time. Watch the video here: Street Corner

Activity created by Simon Scarborough, PE teacher at Culverhay in the UK. To read more from Simon, please visit his blog – Excellence Through PE.