Suggested Age: 7+

Waboba Used: Blast, Surf or Pro

Players: Divide into groups

How to Play:

  • In groups of 4, 2 players stand at each end of the pool.  You choose the depth.
  • Each has to bounce the Waboba to a teammate; 1 bounce and a clean catch.
  • When this happens, the bouncer can cross to the other side of the pool.
  • The challenge is complete when all players are on the opposite end of the pool from where they started.
  • Can be made competitive by racing other teams.

Decrease Challenge:

  • Use floats to block the Waboba. Allow a block or a clean catch.
  • Use Blast ball for younger children or those having trouble throwing and catching

Increase Challenge:

  • Catch with the opposite hand
  • Increase number of crossings required