Get your hearts pounding, it is time… For one of the biggest Waboba tournaments ever played!
It will be held in Portugal, CORTEGAÇA – The SURF VILLAGE, and starts at 17:30 (5.30pm) CET today!

We will announce the winners the 17th. Following are the contestants. We wish you all great luck!

A-team                                Wabobinhas                        Freespirit,
Ultimate fcdef                    Ziromse                                Chop Chop
GC                                       Aloha – team                       GO BIFANNY
PATCHAIZENS                  JAHBOBA                              Hrraki, Hrraki #
equipa 2                             Bolacha Maria                      Sem Nome.

For younger wabobians, we will set up a small pool from 14:30 to 01:00 daily.

For more information, visit