Since this update was delayed with one week, we sure are not as fierce as the final contestants! Though the tournament started out calm and a bit hesitant, it became more and more competitive. Water was splashing, people were flying, and the Waboba Pro Balls enjoyed themselves more than ever! Some of the games were almost played on the beach. Only cm/inch deep water helped the Waboba Ball bounce. Awesome!

We were very impressed with the play and we must say -  Portugal will be a hard nation to beat once Waboba goes national. Be prepared!

Here are the winners:

1st Place  
Nuno Pinheiro*
João Pinheiro
Sérgio Abreu
João Fernandes
Diogo Freitas
*best scorer with 13 goals

2nd place
Ultimate fcdef
Victor Pinto
Pedro Vieira
Márcio Paiva
Joana Tavares
Guilherme Rebelo
3rd place 
Célio André
Jorge Lameira
João Pedro