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Me, Jan and Regis in the background. One of those serious management moments.

There’s a lot going on now! The office is jammed with computers, papers, junk, balls, magazines, plants, food, factory samples of products not yet introduced(stay tuned for that) and last, but not least, people. We are being visited by Jan and Anna from the Swedish office, cramping up the last little space we have.

As if that wasn’t enough Regis, our Taiwanese partner decided that it was time to bring a 5kg Pig Leg into the office claiming it was expensive Spanish Ham. A great opportunity for free food, jokes and good photos!

Vivian, another of our Taiwanese partners, came over from Taipei for a 2 day visit timing Anna and Jan. In other word: a week of meetings, ham, planning and dinners.


And speaking of Dinners, on Wednesday we headed out to Latin Grill house close to Jiang Nan Xi for company dinner. Stella wrote a review on the place but I thought id post some of the more retarded photos from a great night with Swedish, Taiwanese, Chinese and Brazilian influences.