Another classic bit defender moment.

Tonight around 12.30AM (Hong Kong time) my BitDefender antivirus started reporting that it had detected a virus in multiple locations. I started searching internet for the name but the posts at that time said nothing. 1 Hour later i had over 22,000 infected files. Never have i seen such an aggressive virus.

Today i find out it’s a “mistake” that “happens to all most anitivirus software”(according to bit defender forum poster) where the Bitdefender crew apparently have applied an update that turns your anti-virus into one of the most potent viruses i have ever seen. Potentially rendering your computer nothing more than a cup holder.

If you run bitdefender on a 64bit operating system expect issues. TIP: Dont panic and dont let the trojan(aka you antivirus system).BitDefender shred your system(shut the antivirus off and dont allow it to delete any false positive virus finds). According to their forum they are now “working on a fix”…

Epic epic epic fail.

Some people are gonna get very fired and i for sure ain’t gonna renew my license. More on this later. Off to a meeting, now without presentations and material that i needed :(