Chinglish RulesLanguage and culture difference sometimes can be fun. There is a classic joke about Chinglish. The joke goes like this: A car accident occurred in Chicago. One of the Chinese witnesses described it to the policemen in English “One car come, one car go. Two car pengpeng, people die!” Haha……If you understand his words, you would give a good laugh at it.

Want to know some funny Chinglish?


1. A British guy went to a small town. The mayor who doesn’t know anything about English came to meet him. And the mayor’s nephews helped to interpret.

Nephew: Welcome you! This is my personal humble wife. (Mayor: Welcome! This is my wife.)

British guy: Oh, your wife is beautiful.

Nephew: Where, where. (Mayor: Thanks for your complement.)

BG: Oh….er…. Everywhere!

Nephew: Oh! Don’t look! Don’t look! (Mayor: I don’t think so. I don’t think so.)

2. XiaoMing: I am sorry!
Foreigner:I am sorry too!
XM:I am sorry three!

Foreigner:What are you sorry for?
XM:I am sorry five!

3. Employer: How much do you want a month? (你一个月想要多少钱?)What is the salary you expect to get per month?
Employee:800 yuan, eat you, sleep you (800块, 吃你的,住你的)Eight hundred Yuan plus food and housing.


If you no three no four, I give you some color to see see!
(如果你不三不四,我给你点颜色看看。) If you do not behave right, I will beat you down!
Ask what ask! (问什么问!) Stop asking!

Have one leg with somebody. (跟某人有一腿。) Have an affair with someone.

What thing? (什么事?) What’s up?
“Want money no, want life one! (要钱没有,要命有一条) I have no money but life.
“I’m a scamp, I’m afraid of whom!”(我是流氓我怕谁!) I am a bad guy. I am not afraid of anyone!
“We are brother who and who(我们兄弟谁跟谁啊)We are as closed as brothers!
7.You Give Me Stop!!
(你给我站住!) You stop there!
10.dragon born dragon,chicken born chicken,mouse’son can make hole!!
(龙生龙,凤生凤,老鼠的儿子会打洞!) Like farther like son.
13.heart flower angry open
(心花怒放) cheerful
14.go past no mistake past
(走路过,不要错过)come and have a look
21.People mountain and people sea.
(人山人海) crowded up eight down
(七上八下) worried who who