Notes From A Small Island.
Sanya, Hainan, China.

For Canadian Philip McMaster, MBA instructor, film director and sustainability campaigner, it’s all about balance – balance in private life, and balance in the wider world between society, environment and the economy.

Balance is an apt theme for a man whose favoured mode of transport is a fine pair of roller blades.

Philip was cowboy-hatted and skating his way around Dadonghai when The Bounceologist bumped into him.

He was here in Sanya on a mission that is as simple as it is revolutionary. He wants to change the way people pose for their holiday snaps. Instead of posing with two fingers raised, in the V-sign, he wants them to raise three.

During his week in the city, when he wasn’t meeting with property developers, government officials and professors at Hainan University’s tourism management department, Philip was gliding around on his skates, taking photos everywhere of people giving the three-fingered salute.

The three fingers are the symbol he has chosen to signify balanced emphasis on society, the environment and the economy, for a future that is both healthy and sustainable. In the video above, Philip explains why Hainan is the perfect island to adopt the symbol.

Three in Chinese also signifies Wednesday (星期三), and Philip has launched a movement he calls “Three Finger Wednesdays”, which encourages us to do three simple things on the third day of each week.

1) Change your online image. If you have a Facebook or RenRen page, change your image to show your three finger salute. That signals your support and spreads the message virally.

2) Change your diet. Eat less or no meat, waste less and drink more water. Remind yourself that livestock farming accounts for almost 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, about the same as transportation.

3) Unplug yourself. Unplug unused appliances for at least 24hrs, save money and the planet. Shut off the TV and computer for at least an hour. Have an uninterrupted face-to-face conversation with someone.

It is a simple plan, perfect for Sanya, and well worth support. To that end, The Bounceologist will be posting up his three finger photo on this website on Wednesdays from now on.

For more information, and to get involved with the movement, visit Philip’s website here.