Actually, that was my first day to go to work, and thanks Chris for organizing this meal for welcoming Axel and me. Well, this was my first time to have dinner in an Arabian restaurant. I was impressed by the decoration, the food, especially the belly dance in this restaurant which is full of Arabian specialty.

Because the restaurant is not very far from our office, after the work, we walked directly to the restaurant for the Arabian buffet. When we reached there, maybe it was just about 7:00, there were still not many people in the restaurant. I was amazed by the decoration in the restaurant which was so splendid. A golden carved empty copper wine hull of half meter height was placed at the right greeting table of front gate, shining with golden color. And there were many octagons in the restaurant and the center of the loop suspended the huge crystal lamps.

Although I was amazed by the golden lobby, the food was more important than lobby appreciation, especially when I felt very hungry. Then food in the restaurant was very different from the Chinese food. There were different sauces, the salads, and the meat. I even did not know some of their names and what they were, but I just picked up some and tasted them. Well, the pudding was too sweet. And the cake was Ok. I was just impressed by the mushroom soup which was delicious and special.

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It was said that the belly dance would start at 8:00, so we decided to wait to see the belly dance. Before the belly dance, we would like to find something fun by ourselves. So we talked, took pictures, or made faces. Well, this was a good time, and I felt the good atmosphere in our team. More exciting was coming, the belly dance began. A beautiful girl began to dance at the stage, wow, it was hot. The atmosphere in the restaurant began warm and many people would like to take down the pictures. Later, the dancing girl went down to the stage and showed the dance to the customers. This was also my first time to see a real belly dancing performance.

This night was good and impressive. I think the service in this restaurant is good, but the food is OK. Moreover, the price is a little expensive. However, if you want to taste an Arabian food, and see the belly dance during the meal, maybe you can go there and try once.

A thousand and one nights restaurant

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