The Water Games is the fourth national comprehensive sports even in China. This game takes place every 4 years like the Olympic Games.

At its first time, from 28th August to 8th September in 2007 only several water sports such as rowing, canoeing, sailing, motor boats, water skiing, and fin swimming were included. But all in all there were about 3300 people attended in this game.

Emblem of the Water Games


The red color symbolizes enthusiasm orange passion yellow maturity green hope cyan principal blue tranquility purple means elegancy. The emblem image looks like a sun that is about to rise from the water. It’s full of energy, stringy and glory.

Mascot of the Water Games


Meaning: freedom, openness, fashion, harmony, and romance.

Shuiwa in Chinese means water kid. As you can see water is the main element in its design. It looks cute, fun and kind which many people believe it can show hospitality.

The second Games will begin on 28th, August in Rizhao city, Shandong Province. It’s the same time and same place as the first time. People who want to take part in this game shall sign in their name before the 30th, June 2010. But do remember only Chinese citizens are entitled to join in this sports even.