Last time, I went to Qingyuan to experience the famous water sport—drift.

Before reaching there, I have heard from that it is an extreme sport which is very exciting, funny. And when experiencing it, it was really true that it was very funny and challenging. As we know, Qingyuan is famous for its drifting. There are many drift gorges in Qingyuan and every one has its characteristics. The one I went to last time is Huanglong gorge, and its current is very strong and the drop of water level is so large. If you are an extreme sport lover, you will enjoy it very much.  There are many water drops in Huanglong gorge, so when the rubber boat drifted through the water course, it seemed that the rubber boat flied up the water and people even felt weightless. Wow, it is so amazing and challenging.

In order to enjoy the drift well, there are some tips for those who go to Qingyuan drift first time.

Firstly, bring one more clothes in order to exchange after the drift.

Secondly, do not eat too much before the drift.

Thirdly, it is still necessary to do the sunscreen when drifting, especially for those girls who do not want to own the sunburned skin after the drift.

Well, I think the drift  is cool and funny. So  it is a good choice for those who love cool and extreme things to challenge one time.  And when experiencing other cool sports, please do not forget to enjoy Waboba balls.