Not long ago, from 27th to 30th May, the 2010 X Games Asia held in Shanghai. It is a gathering for those love extreme and cool things. The players enjoy the competitions and the audience can enjoy the extreme performances. It is so cool.

One of the extreme games is skateboard. Have you experienced the anxious but exciting surfing? To some extent, skateboard is the extension of surfing on land.  In order to enjoy the feeling like “surf on the wave” on land, people tried to find a new sport and then the skateboard was born.  In the 70th last century, the skateboard culture has obvious effects left by surfing. And the skateboard parks made by skateboard lovers were imitated the surfing terrains. But now the skateboard has its own special language, skills, styles and music with the development.

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Well, I think playing the skateboard is a cool thing. It is an extreme sport which needs skills and challenging courage. At first, there may be many difficulties. But it is a cool thing to challenge different things and make it successful through effort.

Inventing and developing a new thing needs innovated mind and passion. Waboba is also a kind of new and cool sport. Whenever we have new ideas, we would like to try and take a challenge.

Now it is also Waboba’s developing time. We would like to put our all passion and attention to develop cool products related to this extreme sport and make it more widely known. Join us! Let’s develop together and then our time will come soon.