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Lightness and Bounce, by Tian Xiao and friends Come Alive, by Jeremy Trylch
World’s Longest Waboba Bounce, by the Sanya Cricket Club Anyone for Wennis? by Zhang Lan

Shoot a Video and Win a Five-Star Holiday in Phuket, Thailand, Plus 700 USD in Cash
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Congratulations to the Mazzarella family, winners of the Waboba Asia Video Competition 2010.

Now here’s your chance to enter the Waboba Asia Video Competition 2011 and win an amazing, five-star holiday for two in Phuket, Thailand, plus 700 USD in cash.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is shoot your own Waboba video and upload it to the internet.

The video can be fun, funky, exciting, beautiful… the choice is yours.

It just needs to have a Waboba ball in it somewhere, preferably with the ball bouncing on water.

For full details on how to enter the competition, read the competition rules here. As the competition progresses, we’ll be building a video wall on this page, showing all of the competition entries.

For now, click on the images to the right to see some of our own Waboba videos.

Feeling inspired? Get your own camera out and start shooting now.

The Waboba Ball is available at various retail outlets around Asia, and you can also buy balls online here, or online in China here.

Waboba Jiang CompetitionHave you seen Granny Jiang? Send us your snaps Enter Our Waboba Jiang Photo Competition for a Chance to Win Balls, T-Shirts and Other Great PrizesIf you’ve read this blog post already, you’ll know that Granny Jiang has been on a photographic world tour. If you spotted her anywhere on her travels, send us the picture to prove it.

To create images of Waboba Jiang in action, you’ll need to download this raw image and then use photo editing software like Photoshop or Fireworks to insert Granny Jiang into a different photograph.

Maybe you spotted her at the Pyramids, or on the Eiffel Tower, or hobnobbing with presidents. The choice is yours.

By sending us your edited photographs before the closing date of September 10, 2010, you will be entering our Waboba Jiang Photo Competition. Email your entries to us at bisai at waboba-asia dot com.

We will be sending prizes to competition winners including Waboba Balls, Waboba T-shirts and Waboba Flyers.