• Bounce Ahead Activity: Street Squash

    Post by Jordan on March 2nd, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Players: Divide into teams
    How to Play:
    Throw the Street ball against the floor so it bounces against the wall and returns. Opponent must catch the Street before it bounces (or after 1 bounce if no bounce is too difficult). Players should agree on the width of the court, how close they are allowed to the wall (usually 1 meter away), and a throw line (usually about 4 meters from the wall) to stop the ball from being thrown too far back.

    Throw against the wall first, then the floor. Catch before the 2nd or 3rd bounce.

    • Play 1v1.
    • If playing 2v2, alternate throws.
    • 3+ players. As players drop the ball or do not reach it in time, they lose a life. Each player starts with 3 lives and when they lose all 3, they withdraw from the game until only 2 players are left to compete for a victory.
    Street Corner

    Similar to street squash, but played in a corner. Street is thrown into the corner and must bounce off both walls and the floor. The opponent has to catch the street before it hits the floor a second time. Watch the video here: Street Corner

    Activity created by Simon Scarborough, PE teacher at Culverhay in the UK. To read more from Simon, please visit his blog – Excellence Through PE.
  • Bounce Ahead Activity: Airtime

    Post by Jordan on March 1st, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Players: Groups of 4
    How to Play:
    Break the students up into groups of 4. They have to keep the Flyer up in the air for a certain amount of time only using their hands. Students have to count every time someone hits it; once it hits the ground they have to start over. Also do it where students can only use their feet or where only two people in the group use their hands and the others use their feet.

    Additional adaptation: The group starts in one spot and has to move to another spot without letting the Flyer drop. If it does, they must start over.

    Lesson created by Emily Brenner. PE teacher at Sterling High School in NJ.

  • Introducing Bounce Ahead!

    Post by Jordan on February 29th, 2012

    We have some exciting news. Soon, Waboba will be bouncing into schools! Waboba has already made its debut at Culverhay School in Bath, UK with Head of PE, Simon Scarborough using Waboba in his PE lessons. We loved Simon’s lessons so much, that we teamed up with him to develop Bounce Ahead! Bounce Ahead! includes many different activities with Waboba balls, the Street and Flyer that PE teachers, coaches, instructors, and even camp leaders can use when looking for news ways to engage their students and players.

    We’ll be officially launching Bounce Ahead! into the physical education world at the AAHPERD convention in Boston March 14-16th. We’ll be at booth 425 and welcome any and all to come by and learn more about how they can use Waboba in school or after school. Attendees can also sign up to receive 2 free sample products of their choice and a copy of Bounce Ahead, which includes 15 different activities for starters. We hope to include many, many more activities with the help of PE teachers around the world!

    In the meantime, for more information on Bounce Ahead! please visit, waboba.com/BounceAhead or check back here for more activities posted under the category “Bounce Ahead.” Of course, we welcome you to share your own Waboba activities and lessons with us to be featured on our blog/website for a chance to win more Waboba balls for your class!

    Check out Simon’s first blog post and activity with Waboba to see where it all began.