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  • Human Waboba Ball

    Post by Jordan on November 5th, 2012

    Personally, I think this is my best portrait EVER. Last week, I gave my word to Wabobians that I would go into the Atlantic Ocean in my Waboba ball Halloween costume and pretend to bounce on the water. Of course, I didn’t get to pretend for long since my costume was made out of paper mache and came apart in t-minus 5 seconds. But hey, it was hilarious and fun while it lasted. Oh, and freezing too. But who can feel anything during an adrenaline rush anyway?  Watch the video below.


  • How To Make a Waboba Ball Costume

    Post by Jordan on November 5th, 2012

    If you ever want to make your own Waboba ball costume here’s how:Step 1. Blow up a 36 inch balloon and try not to pass out.
    Step 2. Make paper mâché to cover the whole ball, letting each layer dry before another is added. Do until you have 4 layers.
    Step 3. Once it’s dry and hard, spray paint it!
    Step 4. Pop the balloon, and cut holes for your neck, arms, & waist.
    Step 5. Wear it proudly and have some fun! Who says it has to be Halloween to wear it?

  • Ultimate Halloween Costume Idea

    Post by Jordan on October 12th, 2011

    This Halloween, do you want to wear an original costume? Do you want kids giving you all their candy without having to ask for a piece? Do you want to be the coolest person EVER? Then dress up as a Waboba ball! We’re kind of obsessed with the idea. So obsessed, that anyone who embraces their inner Wabobian and dresses as a Waboba ball for Halloween will win a prize. Simply show us a picture of your Waboba costume and you’re an automatic winner. Post it on our Facebook page wall or email it to jordan@waboba.com. As of today, you have 19 days to make the most epic halloween costume. Well at least we think so.

    For a tip on how to make a ball costume, see Ehow’s article here. Or get creative and think of  a different way. Like coloring an already existing pumpkin costume to match Waboba ball colors – Red/Black, Orange/Grey, Yellow/Blue, or Yellow/Red band.

    Note: My photo was made for inspiration only and sadly, we do not have a giant Waboba ball for you to wear.

  • New Waboba Surf and Street

    Post by Jordan on April 13th, 2011

    In case you haven’t met the new members of the Waboba family, here they are:

    The Street is the first Waboba ball designed to hit the pavement. But as you can see, it’s not just any ball. Besides, how would a ball that bounces on the ground be a cool invention if it was nothing new? So we took it up a notch and created the Street to be a new ball with attitude. With it’s patented design and shape, it has an unpredictable bounce depending on how you throw it. The harder you throw, the straighter the bounce. The slower, the more wacky. Try different surfaces and run around to catch it. The other day, I played with it on open grass, which made for an exciting game considering the bumpy ground offers an added unpredictably. Then later, I decided to play a classic game of wall ball at the local library. Sadly, I got too excited and my ball landed on the roof. If I was playing with people who were masters at parkour (which this ball is perfect for), then I would have made them do their ninja-like moves to get on the roof to throw it down for me. But I didn’t. So maybe the janitor is playing with it now.

    The Waboba Surf is the newest addition to our line of water bouncing balls. We love the challenges of the Extreme and the Pro, but realized that not everyone can handle their force, speed and bounce. We also know that kids love the Blast ball because it is softer and easier to play with. So, we created a ball to be like the Extreme, but with the softness and friendliness of the Blast that would play well in the ocean as well as in the pool. It’s great for all around family fun and for beginners, but even athletes enjoy playing with the Waboba Surf.

    Both the Surf and the Street will soon be available online for purchase. Which one are you anxious to play with?

  • Waboba High in the Sky

    Post by Jordan on April 5th, 2011

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Waboba Street!

    You can imagine the amount of eyebrows raised when 50 people came together in Guangzhou to join us for our first flashmob and bounced 100 Waboba Street balls high in the sky. At a given signal, everyone threw the new Street balls as hard as they could against the ground to make them bounce. Given the picture above, it’s safe to say some people gave their balls massive air! Fortunately, the Street balls are soft, so there were no tears, only lots of happy faces and laughter!

    We also hosted a Waboba game competition with the Street and handed out free samples to all the kids. Some of which quickly invented their own game on rollerskates. It was awesome to grab attention from people walking by and to have them take a break and join us for some fun. It truly was a great day for all and we hope to launch more flashmobs in cities around the world. Don’t worry, there will be a video coming soon!

    Want to host a Waboba flashmob in your city? Send us an email to jordan@waboba.com and we’ll help you organize it!