Some awesome Wabobians from Adelaide, Australia sent us a video of a new game they played in the pool. It’s sort of like a cross between cricket and baseball. Here’s how George said they play,

“The goal of the game is to get the most catches as a diver. There is a diver, a pitcher, a keeper, as well as fielders. Normally it would be a 3 on 3 game. For the one we did, which we call single-player or free-for-all, you each have 2 innings. The pitcher has to bounce the Waboba and hope the diver touches it and misses, and the keeper or a fielder takes the catch and then they’re out. Each pitcher gets 10 legal deliveries each and then they swap. Illegal deliveries are pitching it too wide or too full, which makes it too hard for the diver to play. There is no such thing as too high unless it goes over the wall. If the diver misses it three times in a row, it’s a strike out. If the pitcher’s 10th delivery is a strike 1, then he has to finish off his pitching once the diver takes a catch or the strikes go away so either an extra 1 delivery or 2. Two illegal deliveries in a row gets rid of all strikes.”

Watch them in action. One player, Parto, caught 21 Wabobas in a row. He’s a Waboba warrior.