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  • Waboba Dogball Demo

    Post by Jordan on July 16th, 2012

    On July 15th, it was a dog day in Olhão, Portugal! We hosted a Waboba Dogball demo with various breeds trying out for the championship in October. So far, there are 4 teams and the interest is growing! LUZ, one of the contenders pictured below, loves her Waboba Dogball just as much as the others. How could they not? All dogs love Waboba balls that bounce on water. But more so now than ever, since we officially have one just for them!

    More info can be found at:  www.facebook.com/wabobadogballiberia.

  • Dogball Winner

    Post by Jordan on June 20th, 2011

    The winner of the Wabobian Dogball Contest is Blaze! By day, he practices doggy paddling and fetching. At night, he secretly dreams of playing with his own ball that bounces on water. Today, his dream has come true. Congratulations, Blaze!

    To see the other candidates that were in the running, view the photo album on Facebook.

  • Win a Waboba Dogball!

    Post by Jordan on June 15th, 2011

    Happy Waboba Wednesday, Wabobians! This week’s giveaway is dedicated to our four legged friends!

    Does your dog love the beach and playing in the water as much as you? Well then he/she needs a Waboba Dogball! Presently, it’s only sold in Europe, but we have an exclusive special for our fans. We’re giving one away to one lucky dog anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you and your dog live. If you’re in the USA, you could be the first person to win the Waboba Dogball! It bounces on water just like the rest of the Waboba balls, only it’s made with our four legged friends in mind. Here’s how to enter to win:

    • Or Tweet us @wabobaballs and give your dog a shoutout by telling us how badly he/she wants to play with the Dogball. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #wabobawednesday and share a picture too!
    • Enthusiasm on wanting to win the Dogball is 100% acceptable. The best picture or video wins!

    **Contest ends Sunday, June 19, 2011. Winner announced Monday, June 20, 2011**

    Here’s my dog, Cooper. Now let’s see yours. Don’t own a dog, but you have a friend that does? Share a link to this post and tell them to enter to win.

  • Waboba Dogball

    Post by Chris on August 27th, 2010

    - The Dogball that bounces on water!

    While playing with our family dog in Sweden we found out that our ball-loving dog went absolutely crazy over the Waboba Ball. And we where not alone to make this discovery – a lot of people all over started contacting us saying their dog loves the Waboba as much as they do. Well we thought that no Waboba should break the friendship between dog and man and made a ball especially with our four-legged friends in mind!

    The Waboba Dogball is the perfect toy and reward tool. Its soft interior makes it attractive to chew, its size and shape makes it easy and comfortable to carry and throw, its attributes also makes it great for training and education. And, lets not forget, its ability to bounce on water will make your master enjoy the product too!


    The Dogball idea came up long time ago – about the same time the first dog sank its teeth into a Waboba Ball and wouldn’t let go. The research started in summer 2009 where we started to experiment with shapes, sizes and materials. We also handed out different balls to numerous dog-owners to gather feedback and thoughts. Eventually we came up with a good size, a chewable and bouncing density. Then it was all about creating logo’s, packaging and ensure the safety of the product and production – And now it’s all about letting your dog in on the game!
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