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  • Bounce Ahead Activity: Airtime

    Post by Jordan on March 1st, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Players: Groups of 4
    How to Play:
    Break the students up into groups of 4. They have to keep the Flyer up in the air for a certain amount of time only using their hands. Students have to count every time someone hits it; once it hits the ground they have to start over. Also do it where students can only use their feet or where only two people in the group use their hands and the others use their feet.

    Additional adaptation: The group starts in one spot and has to move to another spot without letting the Flyer drop. If it does, they must start over.

    Lesson created by Emily Brenner. PE teacher at Sterling High School in NJ.

  • Get Ready For International Waboba Day!

    Post by Jordan on August 10th, 2011

    International Waboba Day is only 2 days away! Are you prepared? To help you, we developed a list of what you’ll need to celebrate the day:

    • Your Waboba(s). Duh.
    • People, whether they are your friends, fellow Wabobians, family, or strangers with candy. You can’t play by yourself.
    • Sunscreen
    • A cooler full of goods.
    • A camera – so you can share pictures and/or video with us of you Wabobin’ like a rockstar.
    • Gum. You know, in case you have bad breath and want to pick up a guy or girl on the beach by asking them to play Waboba with you.
    • A Waboba Towel. A regular towel will do just fine, but it won’t be as cool as ours.
    • A trash bag. No one likes a litter bug.

    That should cover the basics. Now onto the best part. We’ll be hosting contests and giveaways all day on Facebook and Twitter, so you best be checking our pages and sharing your Waboba adventures. We’re not going to spoil all of them because surprises add some pizazz to life, but we will tell you about two that will automatically enter you to win on August 12th. We have no limit to the number of prizes we’ll give away, so be sure to show and spread the Waboba love!

    1. On Twitter, use the hashtag #Waboba and mention @wabobaballs. For example, “I love International #Waboba Day more than my birthday. Out celebrating on Bali with @Wabobaballs.” If you do an awesome, fun tweet and we fave it, you’ll be entered to win. Get it? Got it? Good.

    2. Post on our Facebook page wall at any time during International Waboba Day, August 12th and you’ll be entered to win. Share your pictures. Post a video. Ask us to marry you. Whatever. But of course, if you make us blush, laugh, or cheer, that will increase your chances of winning.

    Stay tuned for more. Have fun and see you outside!

  • Create a New Game and Win!

    Post by Jordan on July 13th, 2011

    Have you created a new Waboba game? Now through July 31st, we’re on the lookout for a Wabobian to share their new game as an extra way to have fun with our products. Be the first person to have your game featured on our website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

    We’re all about having fun and sometimes you want to play by your own rules. Tell us what new Waboba game you invented when you play with your friends and family for a chance to win and have your game featured online. Write a simple description of your game using the Blast, Surf, Pro, Extreme, Flyer, or Street ball and post it on our Facebook page wall, or leave a comment below. Best game wins! If your game is chosen, we’d love for you to share video/pictures demonstrating to help share your game and include it on our YouTube channel. You’ll be famous!

    For the sake of sharing ideas, here’s one I came up with. Put floating rings (hula hoops) in a pool or lake (works best in calm waters) and bounce a Waboba ball to try and get it in the rings. You could have different points per ring, like 1pt, 2pt, 3pts, depending on which ring you land in. Play up to 21 points. It’s a great way to test your Waboba skills and master the bounce. Try it!