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  • Waboba High in the Sky

    Post by Jordan on April 5th, 2011

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Waboba Street!

    You can imagine the amount of eyebrows raised when 50 people came together in Guangzhou to join us for our first flashmob and bounced 100 Waboba Street balls high in the sky. At a given signal, everyone threw the new Street balls as hard as they could against the ground to make them bounce. Given the picture above, it’s safe to say some people gave their balls massive air! Fortunately, the Street balls are soft, so there were no tears, only lots of happy faces and laughter!

    We also hosted a Waboba game competition with the Street and handed out free samples to all the kids. Some of which quickly invented their own game on rollerskates. It was awesome to grab attention from people walking by and to have them take a break and join us for some fun. It truly was a great day for all and we hope to launch more flashmobs in cities around the world. Don’t worry, there will be a video coming soon!

    Want to host a Waboba flashmob in your city? Send us an email to jordan@waboba.com and we’ll help you organize it!

  • Mission Waboba-Flashmob

    Post by Katharina on March 10th, 2011

    3 more days to go…

    I hope you are ready – we are!!

    So come to Hero Square/ 英雄广场 on sunday  from 14.00 to 14.40! ( close to Exit A Martyr’s Park Station/ 烈士陵园站A出口) to get the balls and last instructions!

    Make sure you’ll be there in time. 14.45 the Flashmob  happens and we don’t want anyone to miss it :)


    We’re looking forward to see you all there!

  • The Waboba-Flashmob

    Post by Katharina on March 2nd, 2011

    Come everyone and join our Waboba Flashmob in Guangzhou! It’s gonna be a fun event – We want to make Guangzhou bounce!

    To achieve that we need YOU!!


    Here at our office we’re all really excited and hope that all of you come to join us for our first Flashmob! We can’t wait to see those puzzled faces. We want to get as many people as possible to join, so spread the word and bring your friends. The more there are, the more fun it is! On top everyone who takes part will receive one of the amazing Waboba Street Balls! Get ready to let the FUN begin!

    Email Katharina@waboba.com to sign up and so I can send you some more information. Or just keep checking out our blog for details.

    And for those of you who can’t be there – no worries there will be lots of pictures and a video so nobody misses out! But it’s much more fun to be part of it in the first place, so wherever you are, whatever you do, make sure you come to China Plaza on Sunday 13th March and throw a ball with us!!!

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  • Bionic Salesman Bounces Through Customs

    Post by The Bounceologist on January 11th, 2011

    Waboba Thailand Road TripThe Bionic Salesman
    A Journey around Thailand

    GUANGZHOU – My journey begins with the discovery that the Bangkok Bounce website has been blocked in China. I can’t imagine what could be so subversive about a website about bouncy balls. Ah, but maybe they think Bangkok Bounce sounds like something else altogether. Shame on you, censors. This is a family site.

    I am traveling with the largest wheelie suitcase I could find. Considerably overweight, and containing a mass of medical equipment, a toothbrush, two pairs of underwear and one T-shirt, it is as stubborn and immovable as a bloated sheep. Apart from a computer, a camera and three Waboba balls, that is all I have with me. There’s no space for clothes. I am like a snake sloughing off its skin. (Read more…)

  • Latin food in Guangzhou

    Post by Stella on March 12th, 2010

    [singlepic id=42 w=320 h=240 float=left]



    On the first Wednesday of each month the company heads out to indulge in the world famous foods of Canton(Guangzhou). This Wednesday we made an extra trip together with Anna and Jan from the Swedish office and I thought I should leave a review of our stay at Latin Grill House.

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