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  • Limited Edition +H2O Ball Coming Soon

    Post by Jordan on September 30th, 2011

    Our balls love water. So we created one to help our friends at +H2O protect it. 20% of each limited-edition +H2O Waboba ball sold will be donated to support clean water and environmental initiatives.

    It’ll look even better in your hand. Will be available online. 

  • No Water Contest – Win Waboba & +H2O Gear

    Post by Jordan on August 17th, 2011

    Water = Life and Life = Fun. But if you take water out of the equation, then well life pretty much sucks because A. we wouldn’t be able to play Waboba, and B. we wouldn’t even survive, which makes our balls sad.

    Everything in this world is connected by water, from tadpoles to you to zebras. It’s pretty much the force that keeps us all living. But the main issue at stake is polluted water that causes humans/species death, illness, and disease. People don’t really realize how lucky they are to be able to walk to their faucet and pour themselves a clean glass of water, or use water to wet their toothbrush, or be able to flush the toilet after a fresh stinker.  We often take it for granted. So join us & our friends at +H2O in appreciating clean water and raising awareness for those that suffer from water pollution for a chance to win Waboba balls and +H2O apparel. Here’s how to enter to win August 17-31st, 2011:

    Simply take a picture of how you use/need water in your daily life (whether its of you or in example, your toilet) and post it to your own Facebook profile with the caption: “If I didn’t have access to water, I wouldn’t be able to _______. Join me, +H2O, and Waboba in standing up for those who don’t have clean water.”

    *In order to be eligible to win, you must “Like” both of our Facebook pages and tag +H2O and Waboba – Bounces on Water in the post. Make sure you change your privacy settings on your wall to make the post visible to everyone, otherwise we won’t see that you’ve entered to win. Once we have received all photo submissions by August 31st, we will then make an album and all photos are subject to vote. The photo with the most likes/comments by Friday, September 2nd wins. Let’s keep it fun and interesting!

    Here’s my picture. If I didn’t have access to water, I wouldn’t be able to take baths, nor would I have been able to pretend to scuba dive for treasures in the tub when I was a little girl. Now let’s see yours!

  • Waboba and +H2O Team Up

    Post by Jordan on June 28th, 2011

    We are very excited to officially announce our partnership with +H2O, a global community made up of water enthusiasts on a mission to promote clean water awareness. +H2O was founded by professional windsurfers, Levi Siver, Jake Miller, Keith Teboul, and Pascal Bronnimann and has grown to become a platform for water awareness that brings together a community of athletes, conservationists, non-profits and corporations to create purposeful solutions that facilitate positive change on a local to global scale.

    Without water, we wouldn’t have Waboba. Not to mention the obvious –> we would we even survive. As the +H2O team says, “Water is our life force.” So its up to us, you, and everybody else to protect our natural playgrounds like the beach and ocean, and take care of them for future generations to come. So we’re going to team up with +H2O for events like fundraiser tournaments and beach clean ups. Even more exciting, we are going to create a special limited edition ball with 20% of proceeds donated to various water charity organizations! Oh yes.

    Stay tuned for more! We can’t wait to help make some positive change this year with our new friends at +H2O. If you would like to help us and get involved, please email jordan@waboba.com.