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  • Bounce Ahead Activity: Olympic Challenge

    Post by Jordan on December 12th, 2011

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Waboba Used: Pro, Extreme, or Surf
    Players: Groups of 10
    How to Play:
    • Assign 5 players to re-create the Olympic rings each holding a pool noodle*.
    • The other 5 players have to bounce the Waboba through the rings to score. 2 throws per player.
    o 1 point – bounce through any bottom ring.
    o 2 points – bounce through any top ring.
    o 3 points – bounce through any verbally predicted ring
    • Once all 5 players have thrown, they switch places with the ring holders so they have a chance to score.
    • The group with the most accumulative points wins.

    *Players holding the noodle must be made aware of the incoming Waboba!

    Decrease Challenge
    Increase number of rings and/or decrease distance from rings
    Increase Challenge
    Restrict the number of bounces the Waboba can make and/or increase distance from rings.

    To read more from Simon, please visit his blog – Excellence Through PE.

  • Canadian Wabobian Tournament

    Post by Jordan on August 31st, 2011

    Canada has balls. Yep, that’s right. Last weekend, Brett P. of White Rock, British Columbia played Waboba with his friends as part of our Tournament promotion. Brett received balls, t -shirts, bumper stickers and a $250 cash prize for the winning teams from us. I know, I know. That’s awesome right? (There’s still a chance for you to get the same deal. Just email jordan@waboba.com if you think you can do it up like Brett did, cause he rocks.)

    Below Brett shares his recap with us and some photos from the tournament. From the looks of it, they had a blast. How could they not?

    The Tournament
    There were 19 people that showed up; enough for 6 teams of 3 plus a spare. I brought pizza and drinks and we made quite an event out of it. The beach was really busy. It was also perfect because there is a channel for boats right in front of where we played. There was a ton of interest from the general public. Boaters were stopping to look and lots of children were watching too. I heard a kid yelling to his dad: “they have a ball that can bounce on water; that’s so cool! ” The best part was that people of all ages were coming to view. A bunch of teenagers who were playing hackie sack on the beach came by to watch for a bit. A bunch of the people in the tournament were already asking if we can do it again next year.

    The Championships
    My lowly Wizards beat out the fiesty Pirates in the last game of the round robin tournament for our only win. The loss eliminated the Pirates and meant that the The Dark Horse Demons made it to the finals against the very mighty Grizzlies. In the end, the finals went to 10 points with the Dark Horse Demons taking the $150 grand prize with a score of 10-6. The winners couldn’t believe that they actually got to take a $50 bill home with them. They thought that I would be mailing a cheque out. haha. Instead of taking the second place money, each member of the Grizzlies wanted a Waboba ball instead.

    To see more pictures, visit the album on our Facebook page. Congratulations to the Dark Horse Demons and the Grizzlies for winning 1st and 2nd place respectively. Of course, many many thanks to Brett for putting on a great tournament with his friends. It truly was the perfect way to end summer in Canada. Now the question is, do you think your team could beat the Dark Horse Demons?