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  • Who’s your Daddy?

    Post by Jordan on June 18th, 2011

    Happy Father’s Day to Jan von Heland, inventor/founder of Waboba! Without him, we wouldn’t have balls. Well, Waboba balls. Life sure would be different (as in boring) if we didn’t have these amazing products to play with all the time, huh?

    Let’s pay tribute to the men that helped create us. We salute your Dad and hope you’ll do the same to Jan. What better way to celebrate Dad’s day than taking your old man outside to bounce around with Waboba? If you do, we’d love to meet your Pops. Share a picture of you and him Wabobin’ on our Facebook page or  just tell him we said hello and Happy Father’s Day.

  • Happy Mother’s Day!

    Post by Jordan on May 5th, 2011

    Moms rock! Meet our Waboba Mum and greatest supporter. Anna is wife to inventor/founder Jan von Heland, and proud mother to their four sons. Even though she didn’t give birth to everyone who works for Waboba, she is truly the Mom of the company and takes great care of all of us.

    We asked her to share some wisdom for our fans, which she said, “Just like a Waboba ball, you have to learn by doing and practicing in life with a never-ending wish to advance. Never give up if you believe in something.” So in other words, one day she will be able to play better with the Pro and Extreme and her boys will stop teasing her. For 6 years, it’s been hopeless for her to play, but ever since we came out with the Waboba Surf, which is easier and made for beginners, she’s been playing and practicing much more. Look out boys, your Mum’s going to beat your butts in a game one day!

    Tell us about your Mom. What is she like? Does she play Waboba?